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help > skills > shadowfall
Skill        :   Shadowfall
Class        :   Aramitama
Cost         :   20
Casting Time :   1 round
Stats        :   Int
Syntax       :   do shadowfall
                 do shadowfall (in haunt, adds darkness to all rooms)
                 do shadowfall <gate destination>
Examples     :   do shadowfall +100
                 do shadowfall +5 cot

An Aramitama causes the darkness of the ShadowLands to spill forth,
and benight an area.  If the Aramitama has a haunted region, the
Shadowfall will affect all areas under the Aramitama's control.
Hearkening back to their earlier lives and memories thought long
lost, Aramitama can also call darkness to places they know well
(see help skills shadewalk).