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help > skills > ride
Skill        : Ride
Class        : Knight, Deathknight, Warlord, Paladin (via talent)
Cost         : 15 (for NPC steeds only)
Time         : 1 round
Stats        : Dexterity, some Strength and Constitution
Syntax       : do ride [<target> | steed | dismount | check]
Examples     : do ride
               do ride steed
               do ride dismount
               do ride dragon
               do ride nimrod
               do ride check

This skill permits you to ride those animals which permit riders; these
include (but are not limited to) your steed, as given by the steed skill,
player unicorns, dragons, and centaurs (if they permit you, via 'permit
<name> ride') and some npc monsters.

If you try to ride a wild steed then there is a chance the steed will
rebel and attempt to throw you. The bigger the steed, the more likely
this is. When your steed moves, you move; you do not move by yourself.
With many steeds, attempting to move will force the steed to move. This
is only the case with player steeds if they 'permit' you to steer.

While riding, your ability to fight is increased; the more easily you
ride the steed, the better you fight. If you charge into battle your
steed will attack with you.  If you do not charge, the steed will
eventually join in.

There is a feedmaster located in the fighter's guild stables that
sells "steed feed" which a steed will automatically eat when hungry
(slow on sp).

do ride dismount     causes you to stop riding.
do ride              same as 'do ride dismount'.
do ride steed        causes you to ride your personal steed/nightmare.
do ride <target>     causes you to attempt to ride the target.
do ride check        will display level, size and hp report of your steed

Centaurs who have 'ride' are a special case. As a centaur, you can use
this skill to recruit a rider and pull him onto your back. You do not
need your rider's permission to steer, and you still fight better with
someone to assist you. Most NPCs who themselves have the 'ride' skill
are recruitable in this manner, and a player can 'permit' you to act as
his mount.

A living centaur with this skill can "ride" normal NPC knights,
warlords, warriors, and paladins. An undead centaur can "ride" normal
NPC deathknights.