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help > aggressive
All aggressive actions have an 'aggressor' and a 'victim'.  Aggressive
actions against another player (in other words, being an 'aggressor'
above) increases your quit timer up to a maximum of 5 minutes.  In all
cases a victim may fight back against their aggressor without gaining
any quit timer.  An aggressor who continues to fight their 'victim'
will continue to gain quit timer (though only through the use of active
skills and abilities).

If someone is aggro (they have a quit timer > 10 seconds) they will
show up under 'who aggro' and cannot quit until this expires.  However
if you attack them without them having first initiated the hostile
action then YOU are now the aggressor and you will get an aggro quit

Note: You *CAN* be summoned from the guild and no gate/summon rooms.