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help > skills > enlist
Skill    :  Enlist
Class    :  Warlord
Stats    :  Intelligence
Cost     :  20 sp plus cash
Syntax   :  do enlist <target>
Examples :  do enlist war (in wars && gauntlet only)
            do enlist dismiss all (to dismiss your army)
            do enlist dismiss mercenary 4
            do enlist consider warrior 2

Max Enlistment Level: Your Pre-Hero Level - (Your Pre-Hero Level / 5) [Round Down]
                        + (Hero-Level-1)

Example Enlistment: 19+10 Hero = (19 - 3) + (10 - 1) == 16 - 9 == 25 

The warlord can enlist mercenaries to his or her army with this skill.
There is a gold cost as well as a sp cost for this skill as all 
mercenaries like to be paid for their services. the warlord cannot
recruit fighters anywhere near as big as they are as no fighter
would follow someone the same size for a small cut of the profits.

A warlord can enlist most creatures who could otherwise be charmed or compelled
to serve.

Getting recruits killed or attacking recruits is not a good idea as 
the warlord may then find it harder to recruit other people.
The only way recruits may be controlled is via the tactics skill,
these recruits are hirelings. They fight for the warlord but are in
no way are they slaves to do with as he/she sees fit.
A Warlord may use the dismiss option, eg do enlist dismiss, to dismiss
all current recruits.

Using the 'consider' option a warlord can sizeup the potential enlistee
and discuss with them how much they are willing to enlist in the
Warlord's army for.

There is no cash cost in wars, you can also do enlist war which will
summon a standard mercenary to fight for you.

ANY WARLORD can now enlist:
- Every available class (No Warlords && Prestige Classes)
- Any Npc of the same race as the warlord
- Any soldiers
See also: help skill command, help skill tactics