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help > skills > blend
Skill        :   Blend
Class        :   Wyvern
Cost         :   20 sp, and 1-3 sp per round
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   Mostly Dexterity
Syntax       :   do blend 
Blend is a skill which allows a wyvern to blend in with his or 
her surrounding.  While blended, the wyvern will need to spend
his or her spell points constantly to reflect the concentration 
required in maintaining total silence and invisibility.
The wyvern will not be able to perform any other actions while
using this skill. However, opponents will have a very hard time
targetting him.
Blend is very similar to the 'hide' skill, but costs a little
more and can only be used outdoors.
See also: help skill hide