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help > skills > backstab
Skill        :   Backstab
Class        :   Thief
Cost         :   0
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   0
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Dexterity with some Strength and Intelligence
Syntax       :   do backstab <target>
Examples     :   do backstab joe

Backstabbing allows a thief (or any thief subclass that has backstab)
to get a sneak attack in on somebody without them noticing.  This
does much more damage than a normal attack.
The chance of successfully completing a backstab is based on the
thief's backstab skill and his/her victims' awareness.  
Whether one succeeds or fails, the thief will then be in combat 
with his/her opponent.  It is only possible to attempt a backstab
when one is already in combat with a foe in a party while party
damage is turned on.
See also: help skill awareness