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                      -QUALITY CONTROL HELP DOC-

Qualifications:  A Quality Control Wizard (here on known as a QCer)
                 must be level 500 or higher. (help w wizlevels)
                 They must have a complete understanding,
                 and they must use, all of the latest QC standards.
                 The latest breaking QC standards will be posted on
                 the Quality Control Bulletin Board, as they are
                 conceived.  (Note: all changes to QC standards must
                 be approved by an Arch Wizard or higher.)
                 To be a QCer you must be _appointed_ by an Arch or
                 higher.  You do not automatically earn the right to
                 approve new areas and place them into the game.  This
                 is a special right bestowed on a wizard who the Arch
                 feels is qualified to do it.  You must display good
                 judgement of what is too powerful, too weak, too 
                 valuable, and other unbalanced characteristics.

Responsibilities:  It is the Qcer's responsibility to approve an
                   area for placement into the MUD, such that players
                   can actually travel through there.  It is the Qcer's
                   responsibility to quickly walk through the entire area,
                   test the entire area for bugs, decide if descriptions
                   are adequate (meaning original and well done) and 
                   quickly skim all the code of the area - to find any
                   cheats and blatantly ineffcient ways to do things.
                   Note: The area will be presented to the Qcer for QC
                   inspection by the SPONSOR (See help on sponsors) and
                   the sponsor should have already have gone through and
                   found most of these things.  It is just the QCer's
                   job to give final approval.  But if a 'bad' area goes
                   into the game which was QCed by a QCer, all the
                   responsibility for the problems will be placed on the
                   QCer who approved the area.
                   It is also the Qcer's responsibility to suggest ideas
                   for how to improve the area, fix found bugs and
                   point out unbalanced items (and suggestions of how
                   to possibly balance things.
                   It is also the QCer's responsibility to look through
                   areas of wizards who are no longer with Tsunami.  They
                   should decide if the area is still up to QC standards.
                   If the area is not, they should assign a recoding of the
                   area to an existant wizard (or do it themselves), if the
                   area is worthy.  If the area is not worthy of recoding, 
                   they should remove it from player's access.

Rules:  A QCer may also be a sponsor.  But, they move not give final
        approval for their sponsoree's area.
        A QCer may not give final approval for his/her own area.

        A QCer's decision is _FINAL_.  This means that an area that
        has been approved and placed into the game by a QCer may NOT
        BE TAKEN OUT.  Only exceptions to this are Arches or higher, who
        are the only ones who may override the decisions of a QCer.

Remember:  The person who coded the area is probably very anxious about
           it and would probably like the QCer to check it out as soon
           as possible.  (Just try to remember what it was like with
           your first area.)  And it is HIGHLY frustrating to them to
           see QCers playing on the mud with their player characters while
           their area is pending final approval.  It's not actually that
           difficult to go through the area, especially since the sponsor
           should have checked most of it out.  And, It should be interesting
           to see what the coder has done.