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help > skills > locate
Skill       :   Locate
Skill Type  :   Active
Cost        :   20 sp
Stats Base  :   Intelligence
Classes     :   Natives
Syntax      :   do locate <player> 
Examples    :   do locate
                do locate pelostar

Natives being hyper-sensitive to magic can locate foul magic
users throughout the reality.  Through many years of training,
the native can determine the number of swine, their names, and
locations throughout the realms.  However, if a magic user
is stronger than the native's ability to locate then he may not
be detected.  Also, the native sometimes can not determine
who the magic wielder is, just where the source of evil is 
emanating from.  If a native tries to focus on a particular
person he will either come up with naught, or they will see through
their eyes for a brief moment.