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help > prayers > prayer
Prayer: Prayer
Class: All Clerics
Cost: Variable
Praying time: Variable
Difficulty: Level 1

Drawing on the deep rooted convictions of the cleric, the power of prayer is capable or astonishing feats. The cleric is able to prayer for miracle, vengeance and jihad. Miracles are powerful reminders that the Gods shelter and inspire their followers to do great deeds.

Syntax: pray prayer miracle
Cost: 800 sp
Praying Time: 30 seconds

Vengeance is a powerful reminder of the power the Gods manifest against those who do not believe in their ways.

Syntax: pray prayer vengeance against <faction>
Cost: 1200 sp
Praying Time: 30 seconds

In certain times of struggle against one's evil inclination or toward the moral uplift of society or for the spread of their word, a jihad can be called.

Syntax: pray prayer jihad against <faction>
Cost: 1500 sp
Praying Time: 1 minutes
Note on Jihad:

During jihad the faction who called for a jihad against a faction, and the faction the jihad is called against, can attack each other without going aggro. Also, all exp loss from deaths is GREATLY decreased. If one stays the duration of their time in the jihad, then all pks and pk levels gained during the jihad will be doulbed. If you quit out during a jihad after getting a pk, then the pk will not count towards your standing. These rules only are in effect for those 2 factions. Also if you want to join the jihad, and weren't on when it started, you can go to e,2s,2d,w to the Garden of Tranquility and 'join jihad' Also to note, the pk level restriction is decreased to a window of 3, and hero levels do NOT count towards the level difference.

Prayers are co-operative efforts, to acheive greater effects, and to accumulate the required sp pool to cast, you must form "prayer circles", see `help prayer' for details. `time jihad' will display your faction's last attempts at miracle, vengeance, and jihad.