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help > prayers > dark globe
Prayer: Dark Globe
Class: Preserver, Nefaricium, Zealot
Cost: 10 (adjusted by modifier)
Praying time: 1 round
Difficulty: Level 1
Syntax: pray dark globe <modifier> <target>
Examples: pray dark globe +5
pray dark globe deathshead

This prayer conjures forth a magical dark globe to surround the target. If <target> is omitted, you will conjure the dark globe around yourself.

The more skilled you are, the darker the dark globe will be, and the longer such dark globe will last.

This prayer can also be used to attempt to counter the effects of magical light spells.

Note: praying dark globe on anyone but yourself will be considered an aggressive action unless they are permitting you via permit <who> dark. This includes casting dark globe on other people's items!

This prayer can be prayed quietly.