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Muul are a race of desert dwellers. They are a product of the mating between dwarves and humans. Due to their dubious birth, and their odd facial structure, they are shunned by both humans and dwarves. Most Muul dwell in the Great Tsunami Desert, avoiding contact with most other races.

The heritage of the Muul leaves them considerably stronger than their human parents, and also slightly sturdier. On average, they stand only a head shorter than a normal human, but may weigh considerably more. Muul are very muscular by nature, and can withstand incredible blows. However, the skull of a Muul is somewhat misshapen, resulting in large, bulbous noses, protruding jawbones, and a small cranial cavity. Due to this odd skull shape, which applies pressure on the brain of the Muul, they tend to be very slow-witted.

The rest of a Muul's body vaguely resembles a human, save for their shoulders and arms. The shoulders of a Muul are unusually broad, with very well-developed muscles and tendons, thus leading most Muul to favor edged or crushing type weapons. Their arms are somewhat shorter than an average human's however, and thus Muul tend to be less skilled with long or piercing weapons, their short reach inhibiting their effective use.

Centuries of dwelling in exile in the Tsunami desert has left them able to tolerate high temperatures without ill effect. They also retain a high natural resistance to poison from there dwarven heritage. The same lifestyle that has left them heat resistant however, leaves them very susceptible to cold. When traveling outside their native lands, Muul are known to wear heavy furs even during the summer. They also are expert desert fighters, and can outskill nearly any opponent in arid terrains.

Stat adjustments

Muul have the following stat adjustments:

  • Strength +10
  • Dexterity 0
  • Intelligence -15
  • Constitution +5

Damage resistance

Muul have the following resistance adjustments:

  • Fire +25
  • Poison +25
  • Cold -25

Skill adjustments

Muul have the following skill adjustments:

Positive skill adjustments

Negative skill adjustments

Muul start with first degree Fire and Air for the Wu-Jen mage subclass.


Muul have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight 9
Min Sight 1

Terrain adjustments

Muul have the following combat adjustments in certain terrains:

  • Desert +10
  • Field +5
  • Hills +5
  • Plains +5
  • Forest -5
  • Ship -5
  • Shore -5
  • Underwater -5
  • Water -5
  • Arctic -10

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