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Tsunami is a skills-based mud, and the level of a player's skills always determines how well the player can perform certain actions.


The skills possessed by the player vary depending on the class or subclasses. Most skills are related to offensive and defensive abilities, either physically or magically. For example, there exist weapon skills like axe, sword, etc. which describe the specialization in a particular weapon; naturally, fighters have many more such weapon skills than other classes.

Using skills

A skill is "passive" when its mere presence bestows benefits to the player, such as the proficiency in a certain weapon. However, many skills are "active" skills, which must be explicitly invoked using the syntax "do <skillname> <options>." Some general information on this syntax is available by typing "help do". Furthermore, each skill has a detailed description of its usage and options.

A few examples of some common skills: combat, resistance, awareness, toughness.

For help on a particular skill, just type "help skill <skillname>".

To get a list of the skills you currently have, type "skills".

Skills command

syntax: skills [full][cost][max]

This command displays your skills and their ranks. The 'full' option also displays your ranks adjusted for the skill's stat-base. The 'cost' option also shows you how much exp it costs to raise the skill one rank. The 'max' option shows the maximum level you can train each skill.

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