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Terrains indicate what the environment in the room is like, whether it's a flat plain or rugged mountains, heavy forest or deep underwater. There are a number of possible terrain types, and there can be many in a particular room (an underground pool, for instance, or a road in the middle of a jungle).

Most races have combat modifiers based on the local terrain. This represents the race's comfort level in a particular terrain, and its ability to use the terrain to its benefit. A positive modifier enhances the effectiveness of all your skills, while a negative modifier will hamper your abilities.

You can check the local terrains with the 'terrain' or 'realm' commands.

Using Terrain

Command: terrain

This command will tell you the terrain and the 'outdoors-ness' of the room you're in.

Naturally-occuring terrains

  • Plains - on a flat, open plain
  • Hills - in the hills
  • Mountains - in the high mountains
  • Forest - in a wooded area
  • Swamp - in a swamp
  • Desert - in a dry, desert-like region
  • Jungle - in a deep jungle
  • Arctic - in a cold, frozen territory
  • Underground - beneath the earth
  • Shore - next to a large body of water
  • Water - on the *surface* of the water
  • Underwater - beneath the waves
  • Tundra - arctic plains with permafrost subsoil

Constructed terrains

  • Town - in an urban area like a town or village
  • Building - in or on a building
  • Road - on a larger 'civilized' road, not a small footpath
  • Bridge - on a bridge
  • Cultivated - in an agricultural area, such as a farm or garden
  • Cemetery - in a graveyard or burial ground
  • Ship - in a ship or boat

Unusual terrains

  • Air - flying through the air, in the clouds, or otherwise "above the ground"
  • Dimension - in another dimension, such as the abyss or the rift

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