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help > spells > greater undead
Spell           :   Greater Undead
Cost         :   20sp (Ghoul); 30sp + 5sp per healing-hit (Shade); 35sp (Banshee)
Cast Time    :   Instant w/ Spin Up (need feedback; Likely too strong vs players)
Cool Down    :   5 rounds (Banshee only)
Example      :   cast greater undead [type] [target]

Summary: The Scourgelord impores greater undead to assist them with death?s errand. More powerful types of undead become available as the Scourgelord grows in level. Only one greater undead can be active at a time and, over all, these single undead are more powerful than those summoned with the ?skeleton? spell on live-necro.

Type Summary:

Ghoul (Level 1): Summons a ghoul to attack the target. The ghoul will attempt to follow the target and do physical damage.

* SPECIAL: Fetid Claws - Ghoul attacks will reduce physical defense and sometimes do poison damage.

* SPECIAL: Spoil - If a target is carrying heals the ghoul will attempt to spoil them.

Shadow (Level 6): Summons a shadow from the negative plane to attack the target. The shadow will attempt to follow the target and do drain damage.

* SPECIAL: Life Link - Shadow attacks will heal the Scourgelord. Healing attacks will also siphon 5sp from the Scourgelord.

* SPECIAL: Soul Link - The Scourgelord can sense what direction the shadow lies from its current position by using the soullink command.

Note 1: There is a per-round cap on healing that scales based upon greater undead spell skill.

Note 2: This is the most efficient way for a Scourgelord to heal. If you are low in health shadow something lower level and suck it dry.

Banshee (Level 12): Implores a member of the banshee court to come and perform for the Scourgelord. The banshee will sing its song of suffering for all present in the room.

* SPECIAL: Spectral Choir - When heeding the call of the Scourgelord the banshee shall send her choir to enhance their listening experience and protect them from any aggression it may inspire in the audience. EFFECT: Summoning player will be spectral choired.

* SPECIAL: Diva - The Banshee is a diva and so will cease her song if the Scourgelord who called her to sing leaves the room and depart shortly thereafter if they do not return. Their choir will likewise depart.

Note 1: Banshee is a great horde ?catch up? mechanic. If you?ve Jim-Bobed or Bretted your way through several post-12 levels then you can use Banshee to area-attack some v or vv mobs you can get your horde high enough to take on equal level foes reasonably quickly.

Note 2: Banshee will put greater undead on cooldown for 5 rounds so you can properly enjoy the show.