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help > songs > power leak
Song         :     Power Leak
Class        :     Shaman
Cost         :     40 (non-adjustable) + 3 prima materia
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Difficulty   :     Level 1
Syntax       :     sing power leak [<prima materia>] [<target>]
Examples     :     sing power leak elgato (defaults to sokhun)
                   sing power leak efantig duck
                   sing power leak yolondu goose

     Concentrating and shaping prima materia, a Shaman may use it
to mystically pierce a foe's very being.  This leak will cause
the target to lose extra spiritual energy (spell points) whenever
he or she would normally use/lose any.  Energy leaked will find its
way to the Shaman, repairing his wounds (should he be suffering from
any).  Furthermore, after a certain amount of leaked energy is
absorbed, prima materia will be extracted and added to the Shaman's

     Sagaciously forceful prima materia will best serve the Shaman
in using this ritual.

     As with all Shaman rituals, one must remember that prima
materia has a will of its own.  Therefore, unexpected results may 
sometimes occur.  Furthermore, Shamans are often required to
experiment with different prima materia to discover which are best
suited to empower a given ritual.
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