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help > skills > shapeshift
Skill       :   Shapeshift
Skill Type  :   Active
Stats Base  :   Mostly Dex, some Strength and Constitution
Cost        :   15 sp
Level       :   2
Classes     :   Vampire
Syntax      :   do shapeshift <form>
                do shapeshift <race> or do shapeshift
                do shapeshift beast
Examples    :   do shapeshift mist
                do shapeshift minotaur

While changing form, the creature's combat and awareness are 
dramatically reduced.

The 'shapeshift' skill allows a vampire to shift into these 
forms: beast, bat, and mist.

Beast form:
Generally superior in combat.  It can neither mesmerize nor bleed.
The most common beast form amongst the different vampire races is the
wolf, however the following races developed a different beast form
(but they are all equal in power):

Centaur  - Nightmare            Nekojin      - Panther
Ghant    - Mantis               Orc          - Boar
Kenku    - Vulture              Skaven       - Rat
Minotaur - Bull                 Sleen        - Lizard
Merfolk  - Octopus              Drow         - Spider

Bat form:
The vampire will be more perceptive and stealthy in this form.
It cannot mesmerize or grapple. Bat takes twice as much damage
due to it's small size but has a chance to avoid damage partial
or completely depending on incoming damage and shapeshift skill.

Mist form:
A vampire in this form is extremely hard to hurt and regenerates much 
faster than normal however the vampire cannot attack at all, though 
it may be attacked (for generally minimal effects).