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help > skills > salvage
Skill        :   Salvage
Class        :   Trickster
Cost         :   0 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   5 rounds 
                 if item (+weight)
                 if room (+previous rounds of salvage)
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Intelligence and some Strength
Syntax       :   do salvage <optional: item>
Examples     :   do salvage
                 do salvage stethoscope

Salvage is how Tricksters collect the parts for their constructs.
If a room search is done a Trickster will only find the necessary
components in buildings, towns and ships.  Salvage can also be used
on items.

The difficulty of Salvage will rise for each time you try to use
the skill in the same room (not for items though).

A successful salvage will increase spell points, but since
spell points symbolize both mental strength and other abilities
like creating things, a Trickster can only use salvage if
spell points is below half.

See also: skills