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help > skills > rot
Skill        :   Rot
Class        :   Mummy
Cost         :   20 sp/0
Skill Type   :   Active/Passive
Casting Time :   1 Round/Combat Damage
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Strength, Intelligence, and some Dexterity
Syntax       :   do rot [<target>]
Examples     :   do rot
                 do rot funny

The touch of the Mummy is greatly feared, as every moment of
contact passes along the dread rotting disease.  While so inflicted
the target will find its ability to heal or use healing items
reduced.  The effect is cumulative, but thankfully, it disappears
with time.
The Mummy may also chose to specifically attempt to infect a target
with the rotting disease, and thus greatly hasten the diseases progress
making recovery slower and more painful.