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help > skills > kushimitama
Skill        :   Kushimitama
Class        :   Aramitama
Cost         :   5
Casting Time :   1 round
Stats        :   Mostly Dex, Some Int
Syntax       :   do kushimitama [short|long|weapon|manifest] <desc>
Examples     :   do kushimitama manifest

Kushimitama, the manifestation of the Aramitama, allows the wraith
to appear in this world.  The Aramitama must first set its short, 
long, and weaponry name by using the appropriate flags.  When used 
to manifest, the Aramitama's hp pool becomes its sp pool, and vice 
versa.  Damage incurred while in manifest form is taken from hp pool.  
On reversal, the Aramitama goes back to its incorporeal state, and 
its pools revert to normal.  While manifest, the Aramitama can carry 
items, wear armour, and attack with much greater efficiency.