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help > skills > hunt

Skill        :   Hunt
Class        :   Werewolf
Cost         :   5 
Time to Use  :   1 round
Stats Base   :   Intelligence, Constitution
Syntax       :   do hunt [follow/attack] [target] or do hunt [on/off]
This is the ability of the werewolf to track down prey by scent; a werewolf
can automatically follow such a track for many rooms with sufficient skill.  

Specific effects:
do hunt: you detect tracks in your current room
do hunt on: you detect tracks automatically as you move
do hunt off: you stop detecting tracks
do hunt name: as hunt on, but only tracks left by (name)
do hunt follow name: attempt to follow tracks all the way to (name).  Also
turns on noticing tracks, as per do hunt name

Messages generated by hunt are colorized as 'hunt'