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help > skills > gravemeld
Skill        :   Gravemeld
Class        :   Vampire and Zombie
Cost         :   0
Time         :   2 rounds
Stat Base    :   Intelligence and Constitution
Syntax       :   do gravemeld

The gravemeld skill allows an undead to sink into the earth to rest; while
melded they will heal much faster than normal.  You can take no actions while
in your grave, except to attempt to 'wake'; you will automatically wake
when you reach full hit points.  You can also be woken by someone else digging
up your grave.  It takes several rounds to fully wake up, and during this time
your attributes will be substantially suppressed.

Zombies have a special ability while gravemelding to sometimes be able
to sense when someone passes over their grave. Further, for a cost of 10
sp, they may burst out of the ground and attack.

This skill may only be used outdoors.