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help > skills > canopic
Skill        :   Canopic
Class        :   Mummy
Cost         :   15 sp/0
Skill Type   :   Active/Passive
Casting Time :   1 Round/Always
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Intelligence, and Constitution
Syntax       :   do canopic[<liver|intestines|stomach|lungs>]

    The most prized possession of the Mummy is its set of four Canopic Jars.
    These jars hold the Mummy's organs, and thus imbue it with great
    spiritual powers.  Each jar, representing a different son of the
    God Horus, confers upon the Mummy a different power.  The Mummy
    may only hold one jar at a time, and it costs 15 sps to switch jars.

    The Mummy will also wish to spend its coins on upgrading its
    Canopic Jars.  As the jar becomes more lavish, the powers conferred
    upon the Mummy become greater.  Syntax is: upgrade <amount>  If
    no amount is specified, the amount needed will be displayed.

    The liver, in the Jar of Imsety, will aid your resistance.
    The intestines, in the Jar of Qebehsenuef, will aid your healing.
    The lungs, in the Jar of Hapy, will aid your spirituality.
    The stomach, in the Jar of Duamutef, will aid your fighting.