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help > skills > bleed
Spell        :   Bleed
Class        :   Vampire
Stat Base    :   Str, Dex, Int, Con
Cost         :   0
Casting Time :   Instant
Syntax       :   do bleed <victim>
Resisted by  :   Combat and Resistance

A vampire stay alive by drinking blood. The bleed skill is used to
deal damage which invigorate the vampire with spellpoints (this
invigoration is however less out of combat since the Vampire
concentrate on keeping hidden). Bleed can not be used in combat 
which can be troublesome for the vampire. However in a grapple 
bleed can always be used. Bleed does not work against non-player 
characters in a war.

Bleed is subject to diminishing return when used with celerity.
Bleed does bleeding type damage (which is unaffected by armour), but 
applies bite resistance as a penalty to skill.

For a vampire, with blood comes power.  As a vampire drinks from
his/her victim(s), he/she will gain some of the victim's abilities.
For example, drinking from a powerful barbarian would temporarily
enhance the vampire's strength.  Likewise, drinking from a mage
with a high intellect would increase the vampire's intelligence.