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help > skills > assassinate
Skill        :   Assassinate
Class        :   Ninja
Cost         :   5 sp / round  [~75 sp]
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   15 rounds, depending on targets level
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Intelligence some Strength and some Dexterity
Syntax       :   do assassinate <target>
Examples     :   do assassinate joe

This skill requires you to study your victim for a long period of
time.  The average time it takes to fully learn about your target's
weakness and how to make the perfect strike depends on both your own
level as well as the level of your target.

You meld perfectly with his shadow and you almost become one with your
target.  You will learn his every move and you will auto follow him
even if he tries to run away.  This is similar to how stalk works.
Your target has no way of knowing that you are following him around
and will not notice you if you have spent enough time training your
skill at stalking.

It costs 5sp per round to maintain the high concentration to study
your foe.  It will take about 15 rounds to study an equal level
target, less if he is smaller and more time if the target is more
experienced than you are.  You can expect a successful assassinate
attempt to deal somewhere in the range 200-250hp at hero level.

You cannot assassinate in combat.  Your assassinate attempt will end
if someone engages you in combat, and your spent spell points will be

Assassinating a player will cause you to be aggressive from the first
beat you start to study him.  He can at any time attack you to stop
your assassinate attempt.  All of your spent spell points will be
lost.  You are aggressive towards him so he will not become aggressive
since it counts as if he is defending himself.  Odds are that he will
not notice you until it is too late.

The powers of the Ninja will flow through your body as the damage
message echoes over the MUD.  The strike is very powerful, will
inflict a great deal of damage and might even instant kill your

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