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help > skills > arterial strike
Skill           :   Arterial Strike
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active (Empowered skill)
Cost            :   5 sp + 5 per power level
Casting Time    :   Instant
Syntax          :   do arterial strike <power level> <target>
		    do arterial strike 2 jovias
                    do arterial strike available shadewrath

Minimum charge  :   1
Stats		:   Dex some Int and Str

The shikaku is skilled in the arts of perception and awareness
and the moment she engages in combat with her foes she begins
to study them. This skill allows her take aim on one of the
main arteries of a creature's body that she spots and strike
it causing a bleeding wound. The amount of blood and the time
the body takes to recover from the wound depend on how many 
charges the shikaku spends at the time she strikes.
Undead creatures and those that have regenerating abilities
take less damage from this skill and can recover from the
wound a lot faster. 

Creatures that don't have a discernable anatomy are 
more resistant to this strike.

To use this skill the shikaku must have at least one
charge on her energy bar.

If the <available> argument is given, the shikaku will
spend all her charges on this empowered skill.