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help > newbie > chat
command: <multiple>


Tsunami has a channel system that allows you to communicate with a
number of other players at the same time.  You can join a specific
channel such as your Jihad Faction channel, or your Class channel
and chat with people that are also on those channels.

The new channel daemon also allows players to register their own
private channels.  See 'help channel player' for more information.

To talk on a channel, simply type the name of the channel followed
by the message you wish to send.  All channel commands can also be
accessed using the 'channel' command.

       channel list                                List channels       
       channel <channel> <text>                    Send a message to <channel>.
       channel <channel> /on  | /off               Turn <channel> on or off.
       channel <channel> /pre | /post <text>       Set pre- or post-fix text.
       channel <channel> /last [<count>]           Show history of <channel>.
       channel <channel> /who                      Show users on <channel>.
       channel on | off                            Turn all channels on or off.
       emote   <channel name> emote <text>         Sends emotes view channel

   example: chat <message>
newbie <message>

Too read previous messages:
<channel> /last

Too join or leave a channel:
<channel> /on
<channel> /off