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help > monsters > dragon
There are many different types of dragons. When you choose this species,
you must also choose what colour of dragon you wish to be.
All dragons are more-or-less the same, except for their breathe weapons.
Choices of dragon types and their breath weapons are:
  red   : flame
  blue  : lightning
  black : acid
  green : poison gas
  white : frost

All breath weapons do the same amount of damage. But some monsters are
resistant to certain attack forms. So where a red dragon might have
problems flaming a demon. A green dragon might not.
Also dragons gain the benifit of partial resistance to certain attack
forms, the attack form usually mirroring their breath weapon type
(ie: a white dragon would be resistant to cold based attacks)

Dragons get the bonus skills berserk, breathe, magic, and attacking
Stat modifiers: +10 str, -10 dex