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help > twarstats
Syntax: twarstats
        twarstats [-p player_name]
        twarstats awards
        twarstats [-s subclass_name] [-l level-range]
                  [-t war_type (ind | team | leader | jihad | class)]
                  [-m map_type (field | map)]
                  [-o col_name (wars, kills, deaths, adam, mdam, 
                                atak, mtak, sub)]

Shows extremely detailed TWar statistics.
If no arguments are given, a rankings of the top TWar players is
displayed.  These rankings are categorized into different periods of
The 'awards' option gives an explanation of how TWar awards are
calculated and distributed.
If the -p argument is provided then the statistics of another player can
be viewed.
The -s argument searches for statistics only for a specified subclass.
The -l argument specifies a level range to search for.
The -t argument specifies a war type and the -m specifies a map type.
The -o specifies which column should be sorted.  Valid options are 
  'wars' (number of wars), 'kills' (number of kills),
  'deaths' (number of deaths),
  'adam' (average damage done), 'mdam' (maximum damage done),
  'atak' (average damage taken), 'mtak' (maximum damage taken),
  'sub' (subclass)

    shows TWar top player rankings
  twarstats -p leon
    shows the TWar statistics of the player Leon
  twarstats -s all
    shows TWar stats for ALL subclasses
  twarstats -s ooze
    shows TWar stats for Oozes only
  twarstats -s red_dragon -l 10-19
    shows TWar stats for Red Dragons between levels 10 and 19 only
  twarstats -s ent -t ind
    shows TWar stats for Ents playing in Individual wars
  twarstats -s thief -t leader -l 1-10
    shows TWar stats for Thieves in Leader wars between levels 1 and 10
  twarstats -s all -o adam
    shows TWar stats for all classes, sorted by average damage done

See also: twarscore, warscore, wartokens