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help > skills > steal
Skill        :  Steal
Skill type   :  Active
Cost         :  None
Stat base    :  Dexterity and Intelligence
Syntax       :  do steal <item> from <target>
             :  do steal all <item> from <target>
             :  do steal all anything from <target>
Examples     :  do steal money from bob
                do steal anything from marian
                do steal amulet from sarah

The steal skill allows you to take money and items from players
and monsters without them noticing (hopefully).  You may steal money
or any non-worn or wielded items.  When stealing items there is a
weight limit on the size of items you may steal. You may also attempt
to steal anything from a player.  This will pick items in their
inventory at random.  Beware, if you are caught stealing certain
punishment or perhaps death may quickly befall you.

The option to steal all of an item brings with it great rewards but
also even greater danger than stealing a single item.  It is possible
that a very skilled thief will be able to extract many items from
their target; however while they rummage their target will have time
to plan a suitable retribution and will most likely strike back hard.
You cannot steal money multiple times per round.

All steal skills use the same system for determining if you may steal
from another player.  Only setenv nopk off players may steal from another
player. Furthermore, steal can only be performed by or target a player 
who is not protected by the gods.