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help > skills > squire
Skill Name   :  Squire
Subclass     :  Warlord
Based On     :  Intelligence
Syntax       :  do squire
Cost         :  50 sp
Examples     :  do squire <no mods> <no target>
                do squire long <describe>

The squire is a personal servant that the warlord can call to help them with
fighting and day to day business. The squire works the same as a familiar
for a mage and can be controlled the same way. A squire is a loyal servant
and will look after and fight for the warlord as long as they are required.
A squire is essential for the warlord in using the tactics skill.

In addition to the list of commands available to all familiars, the squire
also has the following special commands:

fscout       - display information about your target.
fsuitup      - squire will attempt to wear and wield
               all in inventory.
fsharpen     - squire will improve any weapona  wardlord is
               proficient in. The act of sharpening a weapon is exhausting
               and costs the squire 100 sp.
See also: help spells familiar