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help > skills > ram
Skill       :   Ram   
Skill Type  :   Active
Cost        :   15 sp
Stats Base  :   Strength and Constitution
Classes     :   Barbarian
Syntax      :   do ram <player>
Examples    :   do ram  
            :   do ram moriarty

By getting a few paces in between you and your foe, you
are able to put down your shoulder and slam into the offending
person.  If successful, you can disrupt their process
of casting spells or using skills. If very successful, you'll cause your
opponent not only skill problems, but fighting problems as well.
At the peak of his skills, a barbarian may be able to knock
his target to the ground for a short time.  Also, the
barbarian makes use of this opportunity to make another
attack at his off-balanced opponent.