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help > skills > encampment
Skill Name    :            Encampment
Based On      :            All stat equally
Subclass      :            Warlord
Cost          :            Varies from 110 - 50 sps
Time to Build :            Varies from 11 - 8 rounds
Syntax        :            do encampment

Any good leader must know when to let his army rest to recuperate from a
long day of battle.  Using the encampment skill, a warlord and his army
build a camp together.  The more members in the army, the less energy it
costs the warlord as well as the less time it takes to construct.  The
better the warlord's skill at camp construction, and subsequently his
ability to instruct others to make camp, the hotter the fire.

The camp provides a healing effect to all those in the warlord's army
that rest there.  The hotter the fire, the more it soothes the sore
muscles and heals the wounds from battle.

Camps are forbidden from being built in many locations.  These include
the water and air for obvious reasons.

Towns, buildings, roads, and bridges are just some of the examples of
locations where warlords can build a camp but due the the locals distaste
for the war-party and the armies tendencies to stay up all night carousing
its effectiveness is reduced.

The campfire is considerably less effective when built during daylight
hours.  Not only does the encampment build faster and cost less spell
points if the army is larger, but the end result is a better campfire.
Due to the high cost of building an encampment, only the most respected
warlords are likely to be able to utilize this skill.  Camping out, like
other resting skills, causes the campers to have reduced combat,
awareness, and other similar skills.

Anyone can relax at the fire by using the 'rest' command.  If the
warlord does it, all of his army will sit by the fire.  A warlord, or
indeed any other player may also 'extinguish' or 'douse' campfire
in order to disband the camp.  Only one campfire can be controlled
at a time.