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help > pkrank
Command: pkrank <name>
Displays the top Player Killers on the mud as determined by Torgoch the
Drinker. His system for ranking is based on the following criteria:

  - Killing someone causes the killer to gain blood points
  	and the victim to lose them.

  - Players are ranked based on their blood point total.
  - Based on their blood point total and level, players are
    placed in one of three tiers. Players enter the rankings
    in the third tier, and ranked players may type 'pkrank'
    to see when they will pass from the third tier into the
    second and then the first.
  	Tier 3:
  	- Players only gain/lose blood points for PKs.
  	- Torgoch retrieves the corpses of players who die in
  	  this tier and grants them an item which will protect
  	  them from one potential death against the player who
  	  killed them.
  	Tiers 2 & 1:
  	- Players gain and lose both blood points and experience
  	  for pks.
  	- EXP lost is determined by the player's "risk" which may
  	  be viewed by typing 'pkrank'.
  	- Penalties (and rewards) increase in size as players
  	  advance through tier 2 and become strongest in the first
  	- The killer of a player in tiers 1 or 2 has a chance to
  	  receive a randomly-generated item.
  - All kills increase a global modifier which increases the
    exp all PK on players receive, reduces the exp they lose
    on death (to npcs or players), and increase the chance of
    favorable loot drops. The bonus resets each boot, but it
    is also increased by the number of kills in the previous
    shutdown war. You may check this bonus under the 'Global
    PVP Bonus' heading of the 'bonus' command.

  - Torgoch will occasionally offer players a bounty for the
    death of another player. Players pursuing the bounty will
    not go aggressive for attacking the given target. Torgoch
    will also resurrect whichever party dies.

Every day, Torgoch raises his goblet of blood and takes a sip,
and players lose a number of blood points based on how many
they currently have. Players with no blood points are dropped
from the rankings.

It is said that Torgoch has allowed mortals to sip from his cup
and grants his boon to those that do. The effects of the boon of
Torgoch are debated, but are no doubt tied to this ranking.

If you use the <name> argument after the command, you will be
given the rank of the person named.
See also:  help pk, help rules