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Welcome to Tsunami MUD!
This mud, like most others has a set of rules that players are required
to follow.  These rules, while specific, are guidelines and do not cover 
every instance in which you might be breaking rules, so unfortunately 
you will be required to use your common sense. If you notice something
is not in the rules, but you think it should be, please inform a wizard 
or submit a bug report. If you are unsure about something do not hesitate 
to ask a wizard about its legality, explaining the bug you abused was not 
in the rules is not an excuse, neither is ignorance!

For the purposes are this help file an admin is defined as a wizard who 
is level 1000 or greater. So do not expect a wizard who is less than 
this level to deal out justice, because they will themselves be breaking
rules, and recieve some justice of their own.

Cheating comes in many different forms, below is a list of things that 
are considerd cheating. As mentioned above, just because something is 
not listed here, does not mean it is not cheating, if you are unsure ask.

If you hear of, or see someone cheating, tell us.  If you keep it hidden,      
you are as much at fault as the person who actually did the cheating,
and action will be taken accordingly.
 - Patreon 
                Players who choose to support Tsunami in this manner are not exempt in 
                any way from the rules set in place by the Tsunami staff. Any perks 
                granted may be removed at the disgression of the staff, and acting 
                as if your support grants you special privileges to violate those 
                rules may result in just that.        

 - Bug abuse

        If you find a bug in the game, do not abuse it. Inform an admin, 
        or the god, and they will take care of the bug.  If you are caught 
        using a bug, to your advantage, or to another players advantage or 
        disadvantage, action will be taken against you.

 - Wizard roulette

        If you dealt with a wizard over a problem, and didn't like the 
        response, don't try shopping around to other wizards until you get 
        a better response. If for some reason you need to talk to another 
        wizard about the same problem, be sure to tell the other wizard about 
        your dealings with the first wizard.

 - Clients
                A trigger is anything that your client sends to the mud with 
                no input from the player. For example, every time you see
                '* died' it would 'eat corpse' and 'get all'. This is not allowed. 
                Bots are also illegal. Scripts used for the purposes of logging 
                in and restocking shops are quite clearly bots.  Bots will be 
                dealt with harshly. We don't want a repeat of Skynet.


                You may use a client for highlighting.  That's about it.  
                Most clients let you set aliases from within the client 
                itself. This is allowed, but these aliases may not work on 
                or as triggers


                Macros are defined as anything that lets you send multiple 
                commands at one time. These are illegal for use in wars and
                player killing.

        Also note, no matter what you call it, if something allows you to gain 
        experience while you are not at the terminal, it is illegal.
 - Character sharing

        DO NOT play another player's character, or let someone else play
        yours.  Both parties would be dealt with in this case.

 - Character limits

        Every player is limited to 100 characters. If you are caught with more 
        than one account expect to be dealt with in a harsh manner.
 - Player killing (pk)

        Player killing is legal here on Tsunami.  But there are limits and 
        guidelines to be followed. See help pk and help pkrank for more 

        If you are an unranked player and you attack, steal or do anything 
        aggressive to another player you become aggressive for 5 minutes, 
        subsequent aggressive actions will reset this time. During this five 
        minutes, you can be killed by a pker within three levels of your own. 
        If you are a ranked pker you may be attacked by any player who is not 
        ranked, or ranked lower than you. Don't say you weren't warned. :)

    - Illegal player killing

                If you are killed by a player out of your pk range (+/- three levels) 
                and said player is ranked higher than you, or if you are unranked, 
                then that is considered to be illegal. Circumstances in which this
                can happen include:

                        - Summoning players to aggressive monsters and vice versa.
                        - Charming monsters to kill players. (eg. delayed fireball)

                It doesn't matter how you kill another player, if you did something
                that directly resulted in the death of a person whom you can not 
                normally attack, that action is considered illegal, and will be dealt
                with accordingly.

    - God protection

                Your PK protection level appear on your score, depending on if you
                have disabled PK status or not. If you have PK status enabled, 
                your god protection level decreases with the size of your largest
                hero from level 12 to level 4.
                This means you can not be killed by a player if you are in that 
                level. You may also not attack, steal from, or perform an aggressive 
                action on another player.

    - Summoning players and monsters

                Summoning another player to aggressive monsters/areas is illegal. 
                Under no circumstances, can you summon another player to an 
                aggressive monster on the mud. This rule is extended to putting 
                aggro NPCs in common areas, like shops.  We have aggro NPCs who 
                follow, and from time to time they get out and kill PCs but doing
                so intentionally is against the rules.

    If you know of someone breaking the above rule, then please tell us. 
    See 'help pk' for futher rules on who may attack whom.

 - Communications

        There are several means on Tsunami of communicating with
        other players on the game. These can easily be abused.
        Some forms of communication that are unacceptable:

                - Profanity and Offensive Language

                        Excessive use of profanity and or offensive language via a public medium.
                        This includes shouts and class conversations. Occasional profanity is 
                        acceptable but if a wizard deems it to be excessive you will 
                        be asked to stop. Racism or highly offensive language is strictly not
                        tolerated and will be punished via the punishment protocol below.

                        This is strictly enforced for the chat and newbie channels.  
                        If you see abusive behaviour occurring on these channels, please 
                        report it to an admin.

                - Impersonation

                        Impersonating or attempting to impersonate a wizard is never 
                        acceptable. If you are witness to this, please report it to an 

                - Spam

                        Repeating messages for sole use to be annoying, or to distract 
                        a player for a short time is forbidden. Anyone caught doing this 
                        will be dealt with accordingly.

                - Harrasment

                        Any form of harassment is considered illegal. This includes, 
                        but is not limited to repeatedly attempting to communicate with 
                        someone who has made it clear that such communications are 
                        unwelcome - note, this does not player channels (any player is 
                        free to turn these channels off at any time).

        Please note, inappropriate use of the emergency channel will result in some form 
        of punishment.

 - Wars
        Every so often, there is a war on Tsunami.  The mud will be shut down, and will 
        re-open with the war loaded.  The same rules apply during wars, so don't tell 
        us that you 'thought that was allowed in wars'.  

 - Crashes
        If the game crashes, we apologize.  We will try on a case by case basis to reimburse
        lost equipment, or lost money. If we see that the game is about to crash, 
        we will give as much warning to the players as we can.
 - Going link dead

        Similar to the mud crashing, is loosing equipment due to being 
        link-dead. Once again we apologize but it can not be helped, 
        and not everyone can be reimbursed.

 - A guideline for Punishment

        If someone breaks one of the rules specifically written here, or
        in one of the other rules files, there will be a warning given first.

        If someone breaks a rule that is not specifically written here, or
        in one of the other rules files, but the rule is common sense, no 
        warning will be given.

        If a player or wizard does something that is debatable, whether or 
        not it is legal, then the admins will discuss it, and handle it 

        If you are caught breaking the rules here are some of the punishments 
        you can expect:

                 Temporary banishment
                 Not-so-temporary banishment
                 Permanent removal of ALL of your characters

        As stated, this is not etched in stone.... This are only an outline of 
        what can happen if you are caught cheating.  Each case will be dealt 
        with separately.

        If everyone abides by these rules, everyone can have a fun time playing,
        and killing here on Tsunami.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.
        NOW GO HAVE FUN!