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UNDEAD (class)
In the lands of Tsunami, not all of the dead lay in their earthen graves,
some continue to walk to this day, as the creatures of the Undead.  Whether
the fallen soul chose to stay behind and continue its destruction in its new 
hideous form or the nature of the Undead is a curse, is not known to
Tsunami's theologians.

Separate species can be selected within the Undead class, which will give 
additional abilities unique to that species.  In general, most Undead have 
their own specific weaponry and armour, thus most cannot wear most types of 
armour and cannot use normal weapons found on Tsunami.  

By being a creature devoid of their own life-force and considered a blight
in the eyes of Tsunami's pantheon of Gods... members of the Undead guild are
not able to be resurrected by the resurrection prayer or the raise prayer
(prayed by others that are not also members of the same Jihad faction).  
However, a Necromancer may bring an Undead's disrupted soul back to the
realm of the Undead via the spell undeath.

As the other guilds of non-humans, the majority of shops will charge a fee
to buy items and other goods to members of the Undead guild.

Undead species available are Banshee, Deathknight, Mummy, Aramitama, Vampire,
and Zombie.  To play a member of the Undead Guild, select your race and 
travel to the Undead guild and select the appropriate subclass.  The Undead 
guild is located in a castle on Undead Isle.  To reach its door one must 
travel from the center of town by going:
  2e, 5s, 4w, s, nw, 3w, sw, 2w, sail undead, castle

All undead receive a +5 terrain bonus in cemeteries.

As a unique ability undead creatures heal after combat when killing a living
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