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Fighters are combat experts that have sworn their life to learning the
arts of close quarter killing.  In general, one who chooses the path of
a fighter, thrives on using their strength and endurance to overcome 
their enemies instead of relying on spells or supernatural abilities.  
It is much more satisfying to a fighter to beat an opponent in hand to
hand combat than use any sort of magic or sneaky tactics.  

There are many paths which a fighter can take to train in.  The Fighter
guild offers a variety of fields in which a person can train in to ready
them self for the battlefield.  The chosen path a fighter takes will 
determine what additional skills he/she can train in, as well as changing
their stats to aid them in their training.

The Fighter Guild is located:  3 east, 3 southeast, southwest, south 
from the Center of Mainland Town.

Mt. Gnowhere is located: 4 east, sail edo, sail gnowhere from the Center
of Mainland Town.
Fighter Guild Subclasses:

Warrior:      A rough and tumble fighter that has access to many weapons 
	      and skills to brutally pound any foe that crosses his path.
Knight :      A mounted fighter that believes in chivalry and honor.  	
	      Knights specialize in charging into battle on their mount.
Paladin:      One who fights for a religious cause.  Paladins worship Gods 
              that drive them to fight with a holy fervor.
Samurai:      A master swordsman that hones his mind and body to become
              one.  The samurai is known to critically strike his enemies 
	      with single well placed blows.
Warlord:      Warlords specialize in leading an army into battle.  Warlords
              can recruit men into their army and give them tactical 
	      commands and inspiring speeches to help lead their army to 
Swashbuckler: Suave and elegant, the gentleman fighter in every respect
	      of the term.  Specializing in wielding dual weapons and 
	      swinging into the midst of battle to emerge the hero.
Juggernaught: A complex array of gears, bolts, and pulleys form these
              hulking mechanical giants.  Juggernaughts are piloted by brave
              Gnomish pilots who stop at nothing to upgrade their schematic
              monstrosities.  In all sense and manner, these terrifying
              contraptions are true machines of war.
              NOTE: To select Juggernaught, one must travel to Mt. Gnowhere.

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