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Sanjiyan are an ancient, magical race, who are rumored to be one of the oldest races on Tsunami. They appear to be human, except for the third eye in the middle of their foreheads. It's the power of this third eye that separates the mighty Sanjiyan from the lower races.

Sanjiyan are weaker and slower than most other races. They are, however, one of the most intelligent races in the realm, and their extra eye gives them a number of advantages. By focusing on a distant person, the Sanjiyan can briefly 'see' through his eyes. Sanjiyan are known to be the realm's best conjurors, adept at calling forth powerful forces from beyond the veil. They are especially skilled at summoning long-lasting minions to act as guards and warriors.

They power of the third eye does have its downsides. Sanjiyan are more susceptible to attacks that disrupt their intricate mental patterns. They are also intensely unwilling to place constricting headgear over their third eye.

Stat adjustments

Sanjiyan have the following stat adjustments:

  • Strength -5
  • Dexterity -10
  • Intelligence +15
  • Constitution 0

Skill adjustments

Sanjiyan have the following skill adjustments:

Positive skill adjustments


Sanjiyan have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight 9
Min Sight 1

Terrain adjustments

Sanjiyan have the following combat adjustments in certain terrains:

  • Dimension +10
  • Arctic -5
  • Desert -5
  • Forest -5
  • Hills -5
  • Jungle -5
  • Mountains -5
  • Plains -5
  • Swamp -5
  • Underwater -5
  • Water -5
  • Underground -10

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