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Some say that these small, reptilian humanoids are the oldest race in the realm. Scholars of the ancient times tell us that the Sleen ruled a vast empire that spanned burning deserts and sweltering jungles and covered most of the known world. Their advanced civilization was old and crumbling when the elves first emerged from the forests.

What little remains of their empire suggests that they followed strange and forgotten gods, cruel gods of fire and light. Scholars debate what these gods were: ancient elemental sun-gods, or possibly the eldest and greatest of the dragons. Whatever they were, they seem to have been casualties of the first jihads.

The Sleen are now a broken race. Almost nothing remains of the vast empire they once controlled. A few scattered Sleen can be found in remote outposts and small enclaves around the realm. Some are traditionalists, practicing the empty rituals that were passed down through the generations, hoping vainly that their lost gods will return. Others have degenerated enough to follow the ways of the younger races.

Sleen are slightly smaller than humans. They have blunt, snake-like heads with large slit-pupil eyes and long forked tongues, vestigial tails, and pebbly scales over their bodies. These hard scales do an excellent job at protecting the Sleen from harm. Sleen are able to change their coloration slightly, which helps when hiding. They have a strong affinity for fire, heat, and light. They have sharp but non-poisonous fangs.

Because of their affinity for bright settings, Sleen have a hard time seeing in shadows. They can wear most things, but they find metal body armour to be too constricting.

Stat adjustments

Sleen have the following stat adjustments:

  • Strength -5
  • Dexterity -5
  • Intelligence +10
  • Constitution 0

Damage resistance

Sleen have the following resistance adjustments:

  • Light +20
  • Fire +10
  • Drown -10
  • Cold -20

Skill adjustments

Sleen have the following skill adjustments:

Positive skill adjustments

Negative skill adjustments

Sleen gain the bonus skill 'scales'.


Sleen have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight 9
Min Sight 1

Terrain adjustments

Sleen have the following combat adjustments in certain terrains:

  • Desert +10
  • Building +5
  • Jungle +5
  • Plains +5
  • Shore -5
  • Underground -5
  • Water -5
  • Underwater -10
  • Arctic -10

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