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Orcs are heavy, brutish humanoid creatures with malformed faces and thick tusks. They are known for their nasty tempers, and they are very aggressive. Orcs are slightly stronger and tougher than most humans, but they're not very smart. They can see well in the dark.

Orcs love to eat meat. They've been known to wipe out entire settlements of other races, with the sole intent of eating their corpses. They get far more benefit from eating corpses than most other humanoids receive; they have 150% corpse-heal during wars.

Stat adjustments

Orc have the following stat adjustments:

  • Strength +5
  • Dexterity 0
  • Intelligence -10
  • Constitution +5

Skill adjustments

Orc have the following skill adjustments:

Positive skill adjustments

Negative skill adjustments

Orc start with second degree Spirit for the Wu-Jen mage subclass.


Orc have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight 8
Min Sight 0

Terrain adjustments

Orc have the following combat adjustments in certain terrains:

  • Forest +5
  • Hills +5
  • Road +5
  • Town +5
  • Arctic -5
  • Ship -5
  • Shore -5

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