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The mysterious cat-people called Nekojin have been around since the earliest days of Tsunami history. These humanoid felines have large, sharp facial features, short fur, and thin tails. Vicious claws grow from their fingers and toes.

The nekojin are said to come originally from the far eastern islands; in recent years, though, they have spread throughout the realms, and can be found prowling the fringes of the civilized lands.

Nekojin are slightly smaller than Humans, and slightly more feral. They are, however, the fastest, most agile race in Tsunami. Their large, slit-pupil eyes are excellent for seeing in the dark; that, along with their whiskers and feline ears, make nekojin better at noticing things than most people. Nekojin don't like the water, and fight poorly in wet conditions. Their claws make extremely good natural weapons. They have amazingly good balance, and will almost never be knocked off their feet.

As a feral race, nekojin will occasionally go into a brief, but wild, fighting frenzy, landing twice as many attacks as normal.

Stat adjustments

Nekojin have the following stat adjustments:

  • Strength -5
  • Dexterity +15
  • Intelligence -5
  • Constitution -5

Skill adjustments

Nekojin have the following skill adjustments:

Positive skill adjustments


Nekojin have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight 8
Min Sight 0

Terrain adjustments

Nekojin have the following combat adjustments in certain terrains:

  • Jungle +10
  • Forest +10
  • Ship -5
  • Shore -5
  • Water -10
  • Underwater -10

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