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Kenku are humanoid birds with a human torso and arms. They stand between 5 and 7 feet tall and can be mistaken for normal men from a distance. They walk upright on a pair of scaly bird legs and have a head which resembles the head of a hawk with great yellow eyes. These aviary features make the use of normal helmets and boots an impossibility. But they have the keen eyesight of a bird and are therefore much more aware.

From their backs sprout a pair of large brown wings, more than capable of supporting the Kenku in flight. Kenku, thus, are endowed with the natural ability to fly without penalty whenever they are outdoors. While in the air the Kenku is a much more formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat and has a greater sense of his/her surroundings. However, the existence of these wings precludes the use of normal body armour.

Kenku have normal human arms and are thus able to wield all types of weapons, depending on their class. Overall, though, Kenku are slightly weaker than humans, and much less dexterous. Kenku, due to their observant/paranoid nature, tend to be exceedingly more intelligent than humans. But their frail bodies contribute to a slightly weaker constitution.

Stat adjustments

Kenku have the following stat adjustments:

  • Strength -5
  • Dexterity -10
  • Intelligence +17
  • Constitution -2


Kenku have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight 9
Min Sight 1

Terrain adjustments

Kenku have the following combat adjustments in certain terrains:

  • Air +10
  • Forest +5
  • Jungle +5
  • Mountains +5
  • Water -5
  • Underground -10
  • Underwater -10

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