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Welcome to Tsunami MUD!

Since this is unlikely your first MUD, the quickest way to get you started is to talk about some of the major aspects unique to Tsunami:

Starting areas

Please see newbie areas for a nice list of newbie areas to start your adventures.


Every so often, the MUD shuts down and comes back up in "war mode". The war lasts until there is a victorious player or team, and the MUD will then restart and come back in "normal" mode for an extended period of time.

All participants are awarded experience or gold, and the better you do, the more you get.

To see when the next war is scheduled to start see the wartime command. To learn more about wars, please see the war help file.


You do not need to go to a guild hall to raise your stats, skills, spells, songs or prayers. As you kill monsters, play wars and do quests you earn "spendable" experience. This may be spent to raise stats, skills, spells and so on, using the exp command. (see [help exp]). You start off with 2,000 spendable experience points. It is advised to raise your most important skills/spells/prayers/songs to maximum each level.

To see your current stat and skill levels, see the Stats, skills, spells, prayers and songs commands. (Note your class may not have all of these.) Note: spending experience does not subtract from the "total" experience you have gained, only "spendable" experience. Your level is determined by your "total" experience. Please see [help exp] for more information on the exp command and levels for more information on levels.

Basic commands

For a full listing of commands available to you, see Category:Commands

  • Kill - Attack a monster or player
  • Score - Find out about yourself
  • Exp - Enter "exp" mode (spend your experience)
  • Look or l - Look at your room or an object
  • Town - A free teleport to town (until lvl 10)
  • Guild - A free teleport your guild (until lvl 10)
  • Do - Perform a skill (see Skills)
  • Cast - Cast a spell (see Spells)
  • Pray - Perform a prayer (see prayers)
  • Sing - Sing a song (see [songs])
  • Tell - Send a private message to a player
  • Shout - Shout a message to the whole MUD
  • Chat - Talk on the "chat" channel (see [channels])
  • Again, see Commands for all of your available commands with brief help text.

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