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help > skills > shield bash
Skill        :   Shield Bash
Skill type   :   Active
Stats Base   :   Str, Con
Cost         :   20 Spell Points
Time         :   Instant
Cooldown     :   5 rounds
Syntax       :   do shield bash
Example      :   do shield bash
             :   do shield bash kellen
This skill allows one to throw their body at their current opponent,
attempting to hurt them or knock them off their feet. It works much
better to have the weight and power of a shield on your arm, and it
can't be used without one. The hit will hurt the target, and has
a chance to knock them back and out of the fight.
No matter what, smashing into someone will tend to make
them fight less effectively the next round. People knocked out of
combat tend not to complete anything they were trying to do.