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help > skills > mug
Skill       :   Mug
Skill type  :   Active
Stats Base  :   Mostly strength
Syntax      :   do mug <item or money> from <target>
Examples    :   do mug money from shockwave
                do mug sword from midian
                do mug amulet from blacksaber
                do mug anything from atolycus

The mug skill is an interesting skill indeed.  It is a special ability
that thugs use to "acquire" an item, or some pennies.  It is quite
similar to steal, but steal pales in comparison when it comes to
acquiring "worn" or "wielded" equipment.  The way to mug is to smack
the thugs' targets loose, so the thugs can "obtain" the stuff they
want, in style.

Of course, mugging will not be always successful.  And no one likes it
when his or her stuff is "mugged" or to be "mugged".  Unlike stealing,
no one can mug without his/her target noticing.  So thugs may get beaten
up rather badly or even to death when trying to mug for a living.