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help > newbie > terminology
                               Common Tsunami terms
 newbie  - you (or anyone new to the game)
 AC      - armour class (the higher, the better) is how much physical
           protection you have.
 WC      - weapon class.  All weapons have a WC which dictates how much
           damage they do (the higher the better). There is a penalty,
           however, for wielding a weapon that is too powerful.  If your
           weapon is a bit too nice for your level, you will be informed
           [see "help ego" and note that it applies to armour as well as
 special - sometimes a weapon will have a special attack, which just means
           that on every hit that you do, there is a certain % chance that
           the weapon will perform some other function as well (usually
           this just amounts to extra damage for that attack, but other
           specials exist as well)
 sp      - spell points (needed for spells/prayers/songs and some of the
 hp      - hit points (the amount of damage you can take before dying)
 wimpy   - you can set your 'wimpy'. which simply means that if you're in
           a fight and your hps drop to the wimpy amount or lower, you
           will try to run away (known as wimpying)
 exp     - experience (what you want. what you need. what you must get.)
 channel - a way of talking to many people.  [see "help channel"]
 pk      - player kill.  This is a PK mud, though as a newbie, you have
 COT     - Center of Town (mainland Tsunami)