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                       Equipment and why you need it
Last, but not least, get some equipment!  There are a number of ways to do
this, depending on how you want to go about it:

 o "down" from the mainland shop is the Newbie Equipment Room, as mentioned
   above. Typing 'equip' in this room will outfit those level 6 or below,
   with a Newbie Weapon (of the type you are most skilled using) and a cool
   Newbie Tunic [Note: typing "equip <weapon-type>" will result in a Newbie
   <weapon-type>]. You also recieve a Newbie Torch and a Newbie No-Summon
   Device. Perhaps not the most prestigious of items, but quite functional,
   none-the-less. This is the easiest and more painless option...
   Also in the Newbie Equipment Room is a storage bin which generous
   players may (or may not) stock for you.
 o find some laying around.  Often you will find items just laying on the
   ground.  If no one appears to own them, snag them for yourself.  While
   doing this, however, you must recite the magical mantra "Finders keepers,
   losers weepers."
 o buy some stuff.  You don't start the game with any money mind you, so
   you would first have to acquire a few gold dinars. Once you have some,
   however, you can purchase almost any item from most of the fine shops
   and stores that abound throughout the land. The mainland shop is a good
   place to start. Money for starting players can be acquired on loan from
   the treasury in the guild.
 o ask another player if they can help you out. (This usually results in
   the best equipment, but is also a bit of a pain)  Some players are
   helpful, and will give you some extra stuff if they have it, or even go
   get you some. Same players don't like being bothered by requests, and
   it'd be best to leave these guys alone. Your best bet here is asking on
   the "Newbie Channel." [you are automaticaly on the channel.  To say
   someting, type "newbie <message>"] High level players on this channel
   are dedicated to helping newbies. Any abusive language from high level
   players on this channel will be dealt with severely.