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                        Communicating on Tsunami

Communicating is an important aspect of Tsunami, it is important to master 
the basics of communicating to enjoy the colourful and often flamboyant 
population Tsunami.	

Tell	Send a private message to a player. Usage: tell <player> <message>

Yell	Send a message to adjacent rooms. Usage: yell <message>

Shout	Send a message to all players currently logged on. 
	Usage: shout <message>

Pose	A customized message for your subclass. Pose does not require 
	an argument, but one may be given. Usage: pose <message>

Channels can be both public and private invite, the usage for channels is
<channel name> <message> ie. chat I'm awesome! will send the message 
"I'm awesome!" to the chat channel. For more info on channels see 
"help channel".