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|The Blood Lords							|
|The Blood Lords are wild and terrible.  There is no atrocity too	|
|great to be achieved in their minds, and their followers are likewise	|
|as vicious and cruel.  The Blood Lords would gladly sacrifice		|
|a legion of followers and hurt their own cause in the Jihad just	|
|to make some obscure joke with one another.  They are Evil, 		|
|they are Chaos, and they are powerful.					|
|									|
|The Blood Lords are intimately involved in their followers life, much	|
|to the detriment of their followers.  A believer may make a deal with 	|
|one Blood Lord, only to be savagely mauled and destroyed by another	|
|for no apparent reason.  They delight in the Jihad, and it is my belief|
|that they do not want it to end, for they live for the struggle, for 	|
|the death, and for the destruction.					|
|									|
|If the Blood Lords were to triumph in the Jihad, the World would be	|
|plunged into a new Age of Terror that none of us would survive, nor	|
|would we wish to.  The Realms would soon be a wasteland of broken	|
|cities, and ruined seas.  Of all the factions, I would desire none to  |
|fail more than these.  I would even prefer the unknown alien horrors of|
|the Great Old Ones than the certainty of the Hell that would be the 	|
|rule of the Blood Lords.						|
|									|
|									|
|                                To this Writ I set my Hand,		|
|                                Jarrod Melshimber, Servant of Truth,	|
|                                Witness of the Ages, and		|
|                                Seer of Kyldiss.			|