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Natives (Amazons, Barbarians, Beastmasters, Berserkers, Herbalists, 
         Hunters, Shamans)
Natives are a tightly knit group of tribal people living near the
western shore of the Tsunami Mainland. While many people consider 
these people to be the original inhabitants of Tsunami, they are 
in reality a displaced people. Plagues and famine ravished their
homelands and forced them into nomadic wanderings, looking for a 
pristine homeland. They eventually stumbled upon the shores of the
Tsunami Mainland and found it to their liking.

In their wanderings, the native people became known as fierce fighters
and protectors of their own people, they were also seen as barbaric.
However, they have a highly evolved culture of their own which is 
different from all others known on Tsunami. They have a highly 
specialized language all their own; they collect the teeth of their 
victims and use those teeth to establish rank among their warriors.

When the native people came to Tsunami, they encountered magic and mages
for the first time. Magic became anathema to them and they now seek to
destroy all magic and mages (you can not gain experience as a Native
[More 45%]

while having a magical item on your person).

Due to their abhorrence of magic, natives have a natural boost to
resistance against it.

When choosing the native class, please note that the native class is
a society. Please try to roleplay within the guild.
There is a book in the Mainland Library outlining native history.
For more information about these people, please read the book.

Natives are restricted to the following races:
  Human, Ogre, Orc, Half-elf, Elf, Centaur, Muul, Grippli, Ursa
  and Kitsune

Natives receive a +5 terrain mod boost in most natural areas, while
suffering a penalty in towns, buildings, ships, roads, bridges, and

The native guild can be reached from the center of town using the
following directions:

7w, 5n, 13w, sw, s, 6se, 2w, sw, 2s, se, s, w, sw, all w, sw, s
[More 89%]

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