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help > commands > hp

Command: hp

Syntax:  hp [on | off | every | report | immediate]

The hp command displays your status line. Showing you what your
current hit point, spell point, and experience situation is.
Without an argument, it merely displays this information once.
With the argument 'on', it will display the status line every time
one of the values changes. The argument 'every' causes it to
be displayed every round, regardless of whether anything has
changed or not. 'hp off' will turn off the repeated displays.
The argument 'report' will show your report to all players in
the room with you. 'hp immediate' will show a hit point line every time 
your hit points change; it will also show up once per round if any other
value changes.

You can color your hp line using the color command.
   color hp GREEN
   color hp_low BOLD+RED
   color sp_low BOLD
   set terminal ansi
   set hp_low 100
   set sp_low 100
Your hp line will now be GREEN unless you drop below 100 hp in
which case it will be BOLD+RED or if your sp drops below 100
where it will be just be BOLD.

See also: score, check, prompt, set, color